Exclusive Design

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Only the Best of the Best Brands

| | | The Dhome Precious Suites astound and amaze. The apartments are ready to live, equipped with an Interior Pack by MCD — Milano Contract District — a platform of top interior and home design brands born to cater to the real estate world. It’s an innovative formula, a new way of interpreting the Contract, the first Milan-born, Real Estate-dedicated district, offering unique solutions to high-end residential projects with furniture by the most prestigious design brands.

Smart Suites Concept

| | | Thanks to the implementation of the home automation system by Bticino Living Now, the management — also remotely with the app — of lighting and energy becomes smarter; the same applies to the centralized heating and air conditioning system. It’s a smarter approach that makes life easier and the suites comfortable jewels to live in for your daily comfort and well-being.

Quality Is an Indispensable Luxury

| | | Dhome is where exclusivity is the primary determinant, attention to detail is an absolute value, and choice of premium materials is a prerequisite; choosing Dhome means choosing the best when it comes to elegance and sophistication. All furnishings are created by prestigious brands that make their product quality a true, proper mission.
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